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Firm News

HSM Currently Representing the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates

HSM is currently representing the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates, Mohamed Bin Zayed, in a case brought against him and others accused of allegedly conspiring to hack into the phone of an Al Jazeera journalist.  The case is in Miami federal court and motions to dismiss are pending that have raised a variety of interesting legal issues, including diplomatic immunity and the impropriety of serving the Crown Prince through a Twitter account.

HSM currently representing the City of North Miami Beach

HSM is currently representing the City of North Miami Beach in a bid protest that was filed against the City by the incumbent trolley operator when that contract was given to a competitor.  After a 13 hour evidentiary hearing, Judge Beovides denied the bid protester’s motion for preliminary injunction and the winning bidder began operating the trolleys the next day.

Michelle Gomer – Medical Malpractice Lawsuit

HSM filed a medical malpractice lawsuit on behalf of Michelle Gomer, a mother of three whose concerns about a lump on her breast were repeatedly ignored by doctors at Doctor Today, LLC. Due to the negligence of the doctors and nurses at Doctor Today, Ms. Gomer eventually was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer.  After she entered hospice, HSM, along with co-counsel, settled her case for policy limits and she passed away 12 hours later knowing her children would have some financial security.

Firm Updates

MasTec, one of the largest infrastructure engineering and construction firms in the world, retained HSM to file suit in federal court against certain defendants regarding a tax dispute. After many months of hard-fought litigation preparing the case for trial, the parties amicably resolved the dispute.

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