Portrait for Luis E. Suarez

Luis E. Suarez


Luis E. Suarez



Villanova University, J.D.

The George Washington University, M.B.A.

  • Concentration Finance and Investments
  • Member: Case Champion Team

University of Florida, B.A.

After more than two decades at one of the nation’s best “big law” litigation firms, and after having achieved the oft-coveted “equity partner” status (the highest possible position at such a firm), Lui stunned his friends and the professional community by veering off the “safe” track to form HSM.  Through HSM, Lui is pursuing his entrepreneurial dream.

Lui is distinguished for the extensive experience, sound judgment and business-minded perspective he brings to his work on behalf of clients engaged in high-risk litigation.  He has a stellar track record successfully litigating business and contractual disputes as well as complex, high-risk products liability and other commercial disputes for plaintiffs and defendants in federal and state courts throughout the United States and its territories. 

Before and after founding HSM, Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Burger King, MasTec), and individuals (e.g., doctors, real estate investors, and businesspersons) and families (e.g., Dosoretz), have continuously relied on Lui to achieve their desired results, both before and during litigation. 

Whether he is appearing in court, formulating strategy, preparing for or defending depositions, negotiating favorable settlements, being called on to test key issues via mock trials, battling injunction hearings, trying cases, or providing general business guidance, Lui’s quiet resolve and his passionate, dogged determination instill confidence and peace of mind in his clients while ensuring they achieve their desired outcomes

Since founding HSM, Lui has: 

  • Defended a multinational chain to defend against an antitrust class action on cutting-edge issues.
  • Prosecuted multimillion dollar contractual claims in Federal Court on behalf of a Fortune 500 company
  • Provided strategic advice to medical professionals on high level antitrust, non-compete, and other issues 
  • Prosecuted and defended direct and derivative claims for businesses, investors, and individuals
  •  Achieved complete dismissal of a case against an exiled Venezuelan who was being sued by his business partners for over $1 million
  • Defended a large tour operator in federal court in New York and Florida surrounding acts in the Caribbean
  • Prosecuted seven-figure real estate litigation in the Complex Business Litigation Division in Miami-Dade County
  • Litigated high dollar garnishment claims
  • Defended a municipal government in a million-dollar bid protest
  • Prosecuted a seven-figure arbitration dispute
  • Prosecuted whistleblower claim
  • Prosecuted multiple wrongful death claims
  • Prosecuted and defended import and export related arbitrations
  • Prosecuted and defended libel and slander cases;
  • Prosecuted and defended product liability claims
  • Represented foreigners in state and federal court and arbitration proceedings
  • Represented non-profits in litigation and arbitrations
  • Earned Special Master and Mediator Appointments

In addition to being a presence in the U.S. and Florida, his command of Spanish and Portuguese (which he continues to learn) positions him to handle inbound and outbound matters throughout Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico and other Latin American countries. Noteworthy point: He took classes and taught himself Portuguese to prepare for work on behalf of a leading oil company that required him to live in Brazil for two months.

When describing the most moving case in his career, Lui immediately mentions a widowed Argentine national who called him from Argentina after her husband had died while on vacation in Miami Beach.  Lui visited the widowed mother of one young child several times to guide her through the process of seeking justice against the company responsible for her husband’s death.

Beyond his litigation work, Lui, who has an MBA in finance and investments, provides litigation risk analysis and strategic advice to varied corporate clients. Clients appreciate that Lui can rattle from the top of his head issues related to income statements, statements of cash flow, and balance sheets.

A longtime member of such organizations as the Cuban American Bar Association, Lui has consistently shared his thought-leadership to advance the practice of law. This work includes publishing countless articles about judicial races and playing an active role in judicial elections to ensure the community can make informed decisions on elected judges. Based on his deep industry experience and community involvement, in 2014 Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Lui to serve on the Judicial Nominating Commission for the Eleventh Judicial Circuit.  He ultimately was unanimously elected chair of the JNC.

A big believer in helping the next generation, Lui has helped many younger lawyers achieve their dreams of becoming judges and securing jobs at the right firms.